When music lovers become parents

Who's idea was it to let Bekah and I become parents? There must be something wrong with us, some mental deficiency... as we attempted to teach our son the chorus to Under the Bridge. Why we did this is still a mystery, but all intentions aside, the result is different than expected.

His version is in bold. In case you are not familiar with the song, the real lyrics follow.

I-oh whan feeeeel (I don't ever want to feel)
Ike a day! (Like I did that day)
Take luv (Take me to the place I love)
Awl duhway (Take me all the way)

List of people that don't deserve to be parents; who, by the grace of God, have been blessed with children that will hopefully grow up to be nothing like their parents:
Nicholas Casey
Bekah Casey
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  1. Aaron Casey

    Janda does not qualify as she doesn't like my music (most of it).

    Example 1: Rachel singing "Not Ready to Die" by Demon Hunter on her way to bed.

    Example 2: Ethan leading his cover air band in Kindergarten in a stirring rendention of "Spy Hunter" by Project 86.

    Example 3: Both Ethan and Rachel mimmicking Family Force 5 video "Luv Addict" and knowing most of the words to the first verse and chorus.

    What have we Casey's done to our children?

  2. Ain't my fault if both of you musically challenged gentlemen have tarnished your children...Someday, you will understand the best payback for parents is having grandkids.....but for that, please wait quite a while. Remember, we can still buy noisy toys. (example, mooooo cows)

  3. Anonymous7:15 AM

    there use to be a song about Casey Jones--I can't remember the words now. Melvin and Boonie taught Kent to sing it.---3-4 yrs old. During the Christmas program he didn't know the Christmas song very well so he knew Casey Jones. he got to playing around on the altar and singing it loud and clear. Parents wanted to fall through the floor.
    Kids are fun!!