What "If"

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment... Wait, on second thought, don't close your eyes. If you do, you won't be able to continue reading.

So, just imagine with me. Picture yourself in the morning drive-through at McDonald's. A pleasant voiced McD's employee takes your order. Once ordered, she asks, "Is that everything?" Indeed it is; like me, you would be a much heavier man if you ordered much more than the usual pre-church Sunday morning grease with a side of hash browns.

She then prefaces your grand total with an interesting disclaimer: "If you order is correct, your total is..."

IF?! What do you mean IF? There should be no if in fast food. Now I'm sure she was innocently trying to direct my attention to the large electronic readout of my order where I could verify the accuracy of my order, but too many people have had too many orders turn out wrong for any fast food employee to say the words "If your order is correct."

After a statement like that, I almost expect the person at the second window to say, "Here's your bag of food. If your order is not correct, don't complain; you had your chance to make sure it was accurate."

Hmm. What would happen if we all lived by that rule of "IF?"

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