Chuck Norris has counted to infinity... Twice

Bekah and I don't get out much. Not to say we don't want to or try to get out more, socialization is a rare commodity in the Casey household. After all, we are both full time college students, full time parents, volunteer youth workers, and we both have full time jobs. If you do the math (or filter everything through an Outlook calendar) there is not much availability for romantic dates... or free time... or adult conversation.

Sure, we find time to laugh at each other, or be goofy together. We generally read the same books at the same time. And, we always make time to watch 24 together (DVRs are the greatest invention ever). Yet, those intimate "date" type experiences are fleeting, despite our greatest efforts.

All hope is not lost, however. We have found a new way to connect; to some extent you could probably call it a date. One thing is for sure - what ever you call it - it is cheaper and less time consuming than Spiderman 3. We cuddle up and turn on ABC Family during late nights; generally, ABC Family is not the channel I'd choose for romantic programming - but bear with me - we discovered this by accident. ABC Family plays back to back episodes of the awesomest TV show ever aired... Walker, Texas Ranger.

OK, so the show isn't really awesome, but Chuck Norris would hunt me like a drug smuggling criminal if I said the show sucked. And we don't watch Walker in the traditional sense, like we would Jericho. No, Bekah and I sit back and watch Walker MST3K style.

Really, this is quite fun; you should try it sometime. The bad acting, stereotypes, countless roundhouse kicks to the face, and jumping from helicopters found in each episode contains fuel for countless witty (sarcastic) peanut gallery responses - not to mention the abundant wealth of Chuck Norris jokes*. We remember how this show was the coolest show back in 1995. My how things change. It's funny how we never quite realized how cheesy the show was until now, ten-fifteen years after the fact.

Quality time, that's all it really is. If you don't believe me, ask Chuck Norris; he is all about quality time... and roundhouse kicks to the face.

*Warning: not all Chuck Norris jokes are workplace appropriate, but most Chuck Norris jokes are hilarious - depending on your definition of hilarious. Author of this post is not responsible for your lack of humor if you do not find any Chuck Norris facts to be funny.

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