Rappers are the worlds worst spellers

Let me preface this post with a little disclaimer. I can not spell. So griping about other people's spelling mistakes might sound a bit hypocritical. Yet there are errors that are humorous enough that they must be pointed out.

I give my classes surveys on the first day of class to discover what kind of experience they have and what they want out of a job. One question asks about their hobbies. I love this question because it helps me figure out how to relate to the employees in my class.

One agent is a huge fan of rap music. He DJs, break dances, and raps. However, he can't spell. Spelling errors are forgivable; yet (on the first day survey) when he answered rapping as one of his hobbies, he spelled "rapping" with one "p."

Oh how that one letter makes a big difference.

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