And now for something completely different*

In reference to Larry Criag, a reporter on this morning's KREM 2 news broadcast made an interesting** statement.

"First he said he would resign. Then he said he might not. Then he said he would resign if the judge refused to throw out his guilty plea - which is exactly what happened last week, but then then senator said he is comfortable staying."

Great, this is all old news. Could KREM 2 Guy tell us something we never knew before?

"So, clearly," KREM 2 Guy continued, "he is a man who changes his mind."**

Really? I'm so glad you cleared that up. Thank you for your thought provoking coverage of the Larry Craig scandal.**

* Yes, that was a Monty Python Reference. And what followed was completely non sequitur. I have a odd sense of humor.
** Sarcasm is a virtue.
*** Does KREM 2 Guy actually get paid to say stuff like that?!? Te me how I can get hooked up with a job like that. I am as capable at overstating the obvious as anyone else.

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  1. Laugh, chuckle... ahh...the good old USA. I wouldn't be a news reporter here, though. There is one lady I see and she doesn't look like she takes a breath for at the whole time she is on air! She talks without pausing for 5-10 minutes straight!