Oops. I haven't posted anything for a while. Blog traffic is suffering. I've been a little too distracted by Bejeweled Blitz on facebook. The game is strangely addicting. Besides, there's 17 hours left in the current tournament and I've got to beat my brother's score... and Sam's.

Speaking of facebook: I'm often puzzled by the adds on facebook. Today, I saw an ad for what I assume is a web developer. The title read "Do you have a bad church website?" I'm not sure what they're asking. Do I have a website for a bad church? Or do I have a bad website for a church? I possess neither, but have seen both.

Speaking of odd things: I saw an abandoned Shopko shopping cart in a peculiar location while walking to work recently... the gravel lot across the street from Ironwood Athletic Club. Granted, a gravel lot isn't an unusual place to abandon a stolen shopping cart... but the distance. Roughly 1/2 mile, 5 - 10 minutes walking distance, and crossing Highway 95. If you're going to steal a shopping cart, and make the effort to push that stolen cart across a busy highway - past the hospital... why ditch it in the middle of a commercial complex? Why not go the distance? At least they could have had a little fun - taken a left on Lakewood Dr and ridden the cart down the hill and into Riverstone.

Speaking of things I've seen while walking to work: There is a gloriously obese woman driving a Smart Car who commutes along Ironwood between 5:00 and 5:30 in the morning. Every time she passes me, I can't help but think of Chris Farley's "fat guy in a little coat" song from Tommy Boy. I know it's mean, but I can't help myself. Yet I really want a Smart Fourtwo. On a side note, I saw her in the Jack-in-the-Box drive through this morning. Would that be a cause & effect fallacy if I make a correlation?

One final thought for the day: A coworker had been completely unaware of the torrential downpour that swept through town this morning. When he finally noticed the precipitation outside he asked, "What is this coming down outside?" I answered, "I'm not sure, but it's liquid. And it rhymes with pain."

Anyways... I'm off to play Bejeweled Blitz. See you after I beat my brother!

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