February tidbits

When the Tank tells knock knock jokes

The Tank: Knock, knock
Me: Who's there?
The Tank: Huh?

For the Palin fans

My parents are conservative people. They are firm in their beliefs and their political ideals are well reasoned. My dad and I don't always see eye to eye, and while there are some political issues we agree on, there are many that we differ (most notably being our choices in the 2008 presidential elections). My opposing political choices were never done out of rebellion, but have mostly come from different life experiences - and he's never held it against me. In fact, he has great respect for my political values - even those where he disagrees.

I've never known my dad - either of my folks - to not vote republican. So, imagine my surprise (and smug delight) when my dad told me that the he and mom are growing less and less impressed with Sarah Palin every day. When I added my opinion that I believe she is making a mockery of the Christian faith - he agreed. I'm shocked and awed.

nic for prez?

In the same conversation where dad expressed his newfound distaste for Mrs. Palin, he asked me when I was going to toss my hat into the political playing field. He just finished reading my post about the war of dumb and we were discussing the nature and horrors of modern politics. After a short rant about why I believe our current system is failing, he asked "When are you going to run for office?"

Interesting and tempting question. Yet, beyond the novelty of that concept, the reality is that I'm unelectable. Not in a bad way, but I don't fit in to any of the preset political camps, and truthfully, that's a sandbox I should probably should not enter.

Despite my opinionated stances and my willingness to share those opinions on this blog, I truly hold fast to the fact (opinion?) that politics bring out the worst in everyone. Myself included.

It is a tempting thought though.

Indestructible kids

JJ spent a week (almost) in the hospital for a plethora of difficulties. Among them: RSV and other respiratory issues, possibly (but not confirmed) croup, a hernia, his digestive tract shut down, and he blew his IV. During my final visit to the hospital before he came home, JJ looked like a drunken peg-legged pirate. But he's home; he has his personality and (most of) his health back to normal.

But our other son couldn't let JJ be the only kid to trek out to the ER. Christian's elbow might have popped out of its socket while wrestling. I say might have because x-rays showed it in tact. The first clue to injury was his screaming in pain, and if he does that we know something is wrong.

Christian has a high pain threshold. He fell out of the apple tree this past summer, cut up his lip and nose, but kept climbing. I was not aware of anything wrong until he came inside - blood everywhere. When I asked what happened, he told me how he fell as if it was no big deal. This is the same kid who (at the age of two) found no greater thrill then falling (in repetition) face first from his bed into a pile of toys. That being said, him claiming any measure of pain raises alarm.

Bruising and swelling aside, he could not tolerate the sling the ER doctors sent him home wearing. Less than an hour back at the house and he wanted out. There are three words not in Christian's vocabulary: Take It Easy.

Valentines Day? We don't need no stinking holiday

That week that JJ was in the hospital happened to coincide with Valentines Day. And the beginning of the Olympics (the only sports that Bekah watches). I don't know how it happens, but all surprises I try to plan for Bekah are inevitably ruined. While my best laid plans went awry, I still managed to pull off something special. Chinese take out in JJ's hospital room + some flowers and mushy notes of encouragement. How'd I do? You'll have to ask Bekah.

The best month ever!

I'm starting to like Februaries. It's a short month, and Valentines day has some of the best candy (second only to Easter). Winter's winding up (although we didn't get much of a winter this year). And my blog tends to attract plenty of readers.

In fact, this was a record breaking month for me, setting a new high for both page views and unique visitors. And I set that record a week ago, so this past week has been nothing but extra frosting on the cake. And if that wasn't enough to make me happy (it doesn't take much) I also set a new high for a one day total - best since the day after Michael Jackson died. I hate to inflate my own ego... but it's too exciting not to share.

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