Five for Friday

If you live in Coeur d'Alene (or North Idaho, or anywhere in the Inland Empire) you've probably noticed some peculiar weather. Post-Easter snow, spontaneous hailing, chilling drops in temperature, and wind. In fact, if you didn't notice the wind it's probably because you live underground and have not seen sunshine since Christmas.

On the theme of the strong winds that have tussled our hair this past week, I give you five things I've seen fly past my office window this week.

1. Graupel: Or as I call it (and was subsequently mocked for by a coworker) lumpy snow
2. An ambulance. Granted, my office is only a couple blocks away from the hospital.
3. Trash. Origin unknown. Litter? Maybe. Tipped over garbage can? Quite possible.
4. Pine needles. Lots and lots of pine needles.
5. Trees. Not really, but the forested hills on the other side of the Spokane River look thinner today than it did earlier this week.

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