Five for Friday

The vast majority of people who read this blog (or discover it through a search engine) are using a computer somewhere on American soil. Makes sense. 100% of this blog was written within American borders.

Yet, I'm amused to see where my words have been seen, globally speaking. And for those of you who are equally intrigued by trivial data that serves no real purpose, the following non-American countries have contributed the most visitors during the month of May. (ranked most frequent to least) Yes, i do realize that three of the five are English speaking nations, but the towns and cities in this list are all places I'd like to visit someday. Except Winkler Canada. Who vacations in Winkler?

1) United Kingdom: with views from London, Manchester, Yeovil, Taunton, and Coventry.
2) Italy: with readers from Verona, Rome, Milan, Osimo, Carbonara Di Bari, and Lecce.
3) Philippines: 100% of Philipine visitors were from Manila
4) Canada: My northern neighbors came from Thompson, Laval, Winkler, Toronto, and Brantford
5) Australia: With Aussies from Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth


  1. Heehee, I'm totally stealing this for tomorrow's post! :)

  2. Do it... Although, I'm sure yours is more interesting than mine.

  3. I don't know. Italy and the Philippines weren't even close to my top five. Sigh. Clearly the pope dislikes me. :)

  4. Wow... Iraq with no showing... alas. Usually my IP shows up as somewhere in Europe.

  5. I do have visits from Iraq... just not in my top 5 for May.

    However, from June '08 - June '09, Iraq contributed the second highest number of visits, right behind the US. This past year I haven't been getting as many hits from there.