Truth and Lies and Politics

Constitutional law affords us liberal rights. The right to independent press, unrestricted speech, and the ability to protest. While I believe that modern America has taken these rights to extremes beyond what our forefathers ever intended, these are essential liberties. There is something that is inherently American in expressing dismay, discontent, and dissatisfaction. It is impossible for any individual to be 100% satisfied with the actions of their government, and that is true globally – not just in the States. What sets us apart is how we’re not only allowed to be unhappy, not just permitted to express our disgust, but we’re encouraged to flaunt our political ire and angst. You don’t like our current administration? Join the crowd.

In that vein, it doesn’t bother me when people state their distaste for President Obama. There is plausible basis to not like the guy. The valid reasons to not approve of our president are almost as plentiful as the hair on Robin Williams’ back. (I say almost because Robin is an excessively hairy guy. Mr. Williams is the best evidence we have that Sasquatch is real.)

He smokes, he’s a democrat, he seems to speak without a filter and offensive language often slips into his candid remarks. You don’t agree with his stances on abortion, or health care, or the environment, or spending. You disapprove of who he picked for his cabinet or his advisers. You might not like his pre-presidential membership at Trinity United Church of Christ or his voting record as a senator. So many good reasons, and yet they're all ignored by the people who most despise him.

Why is it the people who adamantly detest President Obama frequently ignore the facts? Why is it that the president’s detractors rely on urban legend, rumor, innuendo, and flat out lies to support their loathing of our nation’s leader? Why do many of these people call themselves Christian?

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Christians should approve of all things Obama for moral reasons. And I’m not inferring that those who don’t like Obama are not true Christians. But those that I’ve seen with the most ardent obsessions in passing along lies to promote anti-Obama sentiment are Christians.

If you believe in what the Bible says, then you should believe that God is love. You should trust that Love rejoices in truth. How can God delight in His people when they knowingly use falsehoods to justify their opinions? Sounds so contradictory. God says that He is love, commands us to love our neighbors and our enemies, and tells us that an aspect of love is a celebration of truth. Then we turn around and spread lies to tarnish the image of America’s elected leader. How much more could we defy our God?

You don’t have to like the president. And you don’t have to like the next one. Or the one after that. But please, find a truthful reason to dislike President Obama. Stop the easily debunkable rumors. He was not born in Kenya. He is not using a fraudulent SSN. He is not a Muslim. He is not the anti-Christ. He is not skipping Memorial Day to go on vacation. His campaign was not funded by Hugo Chávez. And he does not have a Sarah Palin voodoo doll that he stabs every time Sarah makes a public appearance.

Also, he’s not perfect. And let’s be honest. The only person qualified to be president and run the nation the way you believe it should be ran is you. No one else can meet those standards. So if you don’t like President Obama because he’s not measuring up to what you want out of a president – great. Vote against him in 2012. But don’t make stuff up to prove why he’s a bad president. And do a little research before you pass along all things that paint him in a negative light.

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  1. you mean....as christians we should be responsible enough to be honest? G A S P...now what will we do with our gossip and deviously designed multiple "wait-till-you-hear-this" emails and comments? well stated writing. truth sure does get in the way of some fun innuendos at times doesn't it.