Career Choices

My two older kids have made their decisions. Their path into adulthood has been selected. Zu told Bekah, "When I grow up, I wanna be a doctor." Her reasoning? Zu thinks that if she's a doctor, she'll be able to help JJ get better. With JJ's medical history and inevitable potential for future hospitalizations, Zu's sentiment is as noble as it is ambitious.

But Zu isn't the only child in our house with lofty employment ideals. When asked what he wanted to be, Christian responded, "It doesn't matter what kind of job I have when I grow up because I'm going to be a superhero."

Where's a good fairy when you need one?

It has happened. And if you can't tell from the picture, Christian is excited like a can of gasoline tossed onto a bonfire.
He has lost his first tooth (look for the dark gap in the bottom half of his cheeky grin).

Good Morning Daddy!

JJ's caught some sort of a bug in tandem with another asthma flare. Bekah stayed up with him last night to monitor his breathing - hoping not to need the assistance of a trained professional. She gave up that battle shortly after 11pm. At 11:30 she roused me from my slumber and asked me to help her get JJ ready to make a trip to the ER. After getting JJ changed from his t-shirt and shorts PJs into something more winter appropriate, Bekah told me to go back to bed and left for the hospital.

I was awake for another hour before migrating back to the bedroom, tuned the TV to something on Investigation Discovery, and drifted into dormancy around 1am. A half hour later, I was startled into consciousness with a slap and a laugh. It seems the ER doctors pumped JJ full of steroids or some other stimulant and discharged him.

Upon his return home, JJ was ready to party. He shouted "Dada!" ran down the hall, burst into mommy and daddy's bedroom, ran up to my side of the bed, and slapped me with all the force his two year old arm could muster. My reactive scare back into the land of the living proved to be entertaining as JJ stood there and laughed at his dazed and confused father. Bekah entered the bedroom behind JJ, but not in time to prevent his torturous assault. She let me know they were home and dragged JJ out of the bedroom. For the next few minutes, all I could hear outside my bedroom door was the maniacal laughter and energetic shrieks of my toddler coming off of a medication high. Thanks KMC.

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