30 Day Song Challenge: Day 27

If you look back at the last couple of months worth of postings, one thing should be obvious: I have eclectic tastes in music. That makes today's post a challenge.

Day 27: a song no one would expect me to love

Since the last several posts have practically ran the gamut of the musical landscape from hip-hop to heavy metal to punk and 80's pop, I feel as if there are no more tricks up my sleeve. If I've done my job correctly, nothing I post today should surprise you. Any song that I could think of that you - the reader - might not expect me to love could easily provoke a "yeah, so" response.

Well, here goes nothing.

Nice little bossa nova rhythms with hypnotic vocals. Suzanne Vega has an old-school quality to her voice and a quirky personality that blends into a tuneful concoction that equals the perfect chill out music.

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