It has arrived

This is yet another interruption in the 30 day song project. Two reasons.

1. The first reason was beyond my control: Blogger was down yesterday. I couldn't have posted if I wanted to - and I tried. Twice.

2. I have a confession. Granted, it could be usurped in favor of continuing the 30 day series (that looks like it will likely stretch into 60 days), but this news is too exciting to ignore.

But first some background.

Back in the day I bought a lot of CDs (This was back when people still bought compact discs). I was - and still am - a musicphile. When ever I walked out of a record store with a new album, the first action I'd take (after tearing away the cellophane) was to read through the liner notes. More specifically, I'd skip the the spot where the band listed their acknowledgments. Before I listened to a single song, I was reading who they'd like to thank, the people that supported them, and the brands of gear they played.

I had a goal: one day, I'd go buy a CD and find my name listed in the liner notes behind the words "A very special thanks to..."

Strange goal, I know. But it seemed reasonable. Most of my friends were in bands. They were talented people; logic would dictate that at least one of them would record and release an album.

That goal was achieved today. Well... kind of achieved today.

There was a letter sitting on my desk when I got home from work this afternoon:

Underneath that was this:

I did flip to the back to find my name:

There it is. The very last name in the bottom right hand corner. At least it's easy to find.

So it's not exactly finding my name in the liner notes of a CD. But this is so much better. Getting the manuscript early was an unexpected blessing. This is a fantastic book that will help a lot of people. If you or anyone you know is laboring at a job that you can't wait to quit, you need to read it.

I'm not kidding. Go buy it.

You can get a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Dave Ramsey. And for those of you that are the hip e-book types, it's also available on both the Nook and the Kindle.

And if you're not doing it all ready, go read Jon's blog. It is one of my favorite blogs within the known universe.

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