Christian's Photographic Review

This is Christian.

This was his year.

This is the year he learned to ride a bike. The hard way. By falling off. A lot.

This is the year he discovered Guitar Hero. And my heart rejoiced.

He's the curious type.

He's willing to get his feet wet.

He loves to read.

So much that we got him his own Kindle.

He's also crazy smart. So smart that it scares me a little. This year, his creativity blossomed. He frequently claims that he's making a movie, or writing a play. Stories. Art projects. Dramatic productions. And if he's not in artistic pursuit, covered in marker ink and half dried glue... and he's not lost inside the world of Kirby, Mario, or Donkey Kong... he is chasing after learning. He's asking questions, researching his books of knowledge, on a fact finding mission, or obsessed in scientific inquiry.

I love this kid.

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