Us in 2012 continued

My original plan to recap 2012 for the kids individually went by the wayside. This past week has been a doozie and this blog has suffered neglect.

That being said, I couldn't quite figure out how I wanted to plot out the kids' years in review. Really, it's been a big year for them. It was a year of change as they moved into a new house, started sleeping in new beds, explored a new yard, and eating fruit picked from new (to them) trees. Christian moved up a grade, but Zu and JJ both moved to new schools as Zu is now in Kindergarten and JJ is in Preschool.

This was the year of the road trip. We endured two back to back vacations: one to Cheyenne and one to Seattle. They were fantastic trips, but it totaled seven days of driving. Christian may ahave developed Post Traumatic Sibling Disorder from spending those seven days cramped between his brother and sister.

But we survived. And if you're reading this, that means you survived the year as well. All I can really say is thank you for coming along with me as I ramble, rant, rave, and present a series of random thoughts.

From my family to yours, welcome to a new year.

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