Seattle through my kids' eyes

A couple of years ago, I wrote a list of those things that you must do if you're a tourist in Seattle for a few short days. But what if you're there for longer?

That's where I grew up. While I will probably never live there again, my heart will always be in that city. No matter where I go, the Emerald City still remains my favorite place in the world. At least to visit. I want my kids to see the same Seattle that I once knew. While my previous list list focused (mostly) on Seattle proper, I want my kids to experience more than just the urban and touristy aspects of Seattle.

Here are ten things I want my kids to see and do in the greater Seattle area.

1. Ferry trip back to Seattle after dark. This was number 9 on my other list of things to do in Seattle. But that first sight of the lit up skyline as you ride into Elliott Bay is one of the most inspiring sights I've ever seen.

2. Tacoma Narrows. The bridges there are astonishing works of engineering and the nearby park is a great place to picnic.

3. The Pacific Science Center. I know I could spend weeks in that place and never get bored. There's at least a full day's worth of adventure there for my kids, if not more.

4. Jetty Island. The soft sand and shallow slope of the beach would be an ideal place for my water loving kids to play and relax.

5. Deception Pass. This bridge is another engineering feat. It's the heart of a state park that has endless opportunities for activity and some of the most scenic vistas in the area.

6. Fort Casey. My family spent many summer days at Fort Casey. It was usually our last stop for day trips to Whidbey Island before taking the ferry back to Mukilteo and driving home. The historic bunkers and artillery are treasures to explorer - and the perfect location for a Super Soaker war.

7. Dungeness Spit. This was a place of awe and wonder when I was young. Between the wildlife refuge and the five and a half mile trek out to the lighthouse, there is much for my kids to enjoy.

8. Wild Waves (formerly Enchanted Village). This is to Federal Way what Silverwood is to North Idaho. That was a place of magic when I was a kid.

9. Paine Field. This is home to Boieng's manufacturing and the largest building in the world. The Future of Flight Aviation Center would bring out the dreamers in my kids.

10. Mt. Pilchuck. This mountain was the place that saved my life. I've written about it before. Now, as a parent, I long to go back with my kids.

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