Blogfest 2015

Saturday was a glorious (partly) sunny day but still a bit on the frigid side of the thermometer. That made it a perfect day to head inside for some socialization and good food. Bloggers and blurkers from around North Idaho gathered at Fort Ground Grill to celebrate the anniversary of Dave O's Huckleberries blog.

This is an annual event and I have lost count of how many Blogfests I've attended. But the people that were there make it worth the visit.

(click to enlarge - it's worth it)

This is the second year that all three kids came with me. It's interesting to give them a glimpse into my social world beyond what they normally get to see.

The kids got to meet Mayor Widmyer. Steve came around and shook their hands. Christian acted as if he was in the presence of royalty. Steve is such a great guy and as long as he's running for office, he has my vote.

Aside from the delicious grub provided by Fort Ground Grill and Bent's BBQ, there were also lots of laughter and reminders of why our blogging community exists.

Good times were had. JJ really enjoyed his lemonade.

Christian kept busy, distracted by Angry Birds. (completely draining the battery on my iPod)

And Chloe made some new friends in Digger and Spaz.

Honestly, I am grateful to be a part of this community. It is so rare to see a cordial and jovial gathering of a group of people with such diverse political and religious persuasions. It is also an honor to be considered as peers among the talented writers and photographers that Dave has assembled.

I can't wait until next year.


  1. it was great to see you Nick... I knew you didn't remember me, but I love to see how much your kids have grown.. I think the first time I saw you at a blogfest, you had one of these in a stroller, didn't you.. You and the kids looked great..

    1. Yes - my daughter was in the stroller. That was six years ago.