That which has no weight

When I purchased my phone, it weighed 3.95 ounces. Before installing any apps, before taking a single photo, before making a call or sending a text message: 3.95 ounces. My phone was nothing more than 3.95 ounces of aluminum, glass, sapphire, and electronic circuitry.

Now my phone's storage is 77% full, yet it still weighs 3.95 ounces. And if I fill it up to maximum capacity, it will still weigh 3.95 ounces.

That means the sum total of my digital existence: pictures and videos of my kids, chat and text conversations, books I've downloaded through Kindle, my guitar tuner, notes, calendar reminders, Pandora preferences, voice memos, cooking recipes, my bible, internet bookmarks ... All of it is weightless. Flashlight? Weightless. Angry Birds? Weightless. Marvel Comics? Weightless. Podcasts? Weightless.

Everything that you could ever want or need to know about my interests and habits weighs nothing.

The same is true of the human brain. On average, the human brain is three pounds. Skinny or fat, rich or poor, intelligent or stupid, an average of three pounds.

Just like installing a program on your computer does not make your hard drive heavier, we don't gain weight through learning. The brain itself is hardware. It is what allows us to function. To move, to breathe, to experience the fullness of our senses. But inside the brain, there's something else - something weightless. It is the human software - our thoughts, our identity. That which has no weight.

The sum total of who we are, what makes us unique, weighs nothing. Everything that makes us valuable is completely weightless. Our memories, our knowledge, our opinions, our dreams, our fears, our desires, our faith. All of it is wholly without weight.

The most important segments of our existence cannot be weighed or measured. It has no physical presence.

You are not identified by your shoe size, your waistline, or the number that shows up when you step on a scale. You are not your hair color or skin color. You are not your photographic smile or lack thereof.

What matters most is inside you. It has no weight or appearance, yet it is what makes you beautiful and gives you worth.

You - the real you is truly weightless.

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