Data Nerds, History Buffs, and the Mind-Blowing Statistics of WWII

There are history buffs. Genealogists like my grandfather who will tirelessly research family origins as far back as can be traced. Civil war fanatics in Mid-Atlantic states who reenact major battles in authentic period costume. Archaeologists who dig up remnants of the past. Renaissance experts who can quote lines from the works of Shakespeare or Miguel de Cervantes while discussing the impacts of Francis Bacon and Niccolò Machiavelli. Military analysts who have meticulously studied the methods of Sun Tzu, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, and General George Patton.

I am not one of those people. However, I do admire them. When I was younger, history was one of the subjects in which I fared better when compared to my other classes. Even today, I approach the topic with a fascination regardless of whether it is of the ancient world or more modern times. History is an enjoyment, but not a passion. There isn't a single era in all of the ages passed that I would want to go back and visit. The past is something we must learn from and remember. But I possess no fondness for the glory days or desire to relive years gone by.

My interest in history is all about the stories. I love a good story and the past is filled with them. I wholeheartedly believe our ability to tell and retell a story is the most important facet of humanity.

I may not be a history buff, but I am a data nerd. The video below perks my interests in both a captivating story and raw data. It finds that sweet spot where the presentation is both entertaining and educational. It is both historical and current This is an interesting perspective on World War II - especially in contrast with the bulk of recorded conflict throughout human history. Simply put, these numbers are staggering.

ps: I would recommend watching the video on full screen.

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