Father's Day interview

I spent the this last Sunday playing with my kids. Playing at the park and in the splash pad. Walking around downtown including lunch at Zips and a stop in the sweets shop. When we got home I interviewed each of the kids. What better way to finish off Father's day that finding out what my entourage thinks of me. By the end of the day, I was too tired to actually do anything with answers they provided and spent the rest of the evening talking to my dad.

So here they are. I now present to you the interview I had with my kids.

What is your favorite thing to do with me?
Christian: Playing Lego Lord of the Rings.
Zu: Going swimming.
JJ: Going to different parks.

What is my favorite thing to do with you?
Christian: Playing video games.
Zu: Cuddle.
JJ: Making dinner.

What do I like to do when you’re not around?
Christian: What YouTube videos that are not appropriate for kids.
Zu: How am I supposed to know? Goof around?
JJ: Watch movies. You know, the ones you get from Netflix that we can't watch.

What do I do that makes you laugh?
Christian: Weird jokes.
Zu: Make silly faces.
JJ: Tickle me.

What do you do that makes me laugh?
Christian: No matter how hard I try, you don't laugh. You only laugh when I don’t try.
Zu: Do this? (She uses her fingers to pull down her bottom eyelids and rolls her eyes upward.)
JJ: Sometimes, I make jokes.

What do you like most about your dad?
Christian: You're funny, you're smart, and you're awesome and a ton of other stuff.
Zu: You're fun to be around.
JJ: You love me.

What is the best thing you have learned from your dad?
Christian: You have taught me a lot of life lessons like don't steal.
Zu: To be myself.
JJ: Make good choices.

What is something I am good at doing?
Christian: You're really good and making me laugh.
Zu: Cooking. The best cook.
JJ: Playing video games.

What is something that I am not good at doing?
Christian: Not good at guessing.
Zu: You're good at trying to put my hair in a pony tail, but not good and actually putting my hair in a pony tail.
JJ: You're not a good swimmer. You said that last week.

If you had to describe my job, what would you say I do at work?
Christian: You work with numbers.
Zu: Tons of boring stuff.
JJ: Type on a computer.

What is his favorite place in the world?
Christian: Where does Aunt Janda and Uncle Aaron live? Oh, yeah. Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Zu: Seattle!
JJ: I don't know. This one is hard. Blogfest. You took us last year.

If I was famous, what made me famous?
Christian: You would be famous for being the best dad EVER!
Zu: Imitating Batman.
JJ: Inventing a robot person. (Me: A what?) JJ: You know, a robot that's a person.

If I was a fictional character, which one would I be?
Christian: Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Zu: Mr. Fantastic. (note: the stretchy guy from Fantastic Four) (Me: But I'm not flexible.) Zu: Not your body, but the way you act is flexible. You always stretch to do things that we need.
JJ: Thing (note: the big guy made of rock from Fantastic Four)

What was I like when I was a kid?
Christian: Like me, made some of the same mistakes.
Zu: Skinny. I saw pictures.
JJ: Skinny.

What do you and I have in common?
Christian: I’m your clone.
Zu: We both like candy.
JJ We both need glasses.

What makes you different from me?
Christian: You'd rather shiver than sweat. I’d rather sweat than shiver.
Zu: I don’t wear glasses.
JJ: You're way taller than me. (Me: You're six.) JJ: Uh-huh.

What is your favorite food or meal that I cook?
Christian: Skillet fried potatoes and veggies
Zu: That thing with potatoes and veggies.
JJ: Spaghetti with sauce.

What is your dad’s favorite food?
Christian: How am I supposed to know. (Me: Guess) Christian: Spicy stuff.
Zu: Pizza.
JJ: Those rolled up taco things. (Me: Taquitos?) JJ: Yeah, those.

What is something that I frequently tell you over and over again?
Christian: Don’t let other people control your attitude.
Zu: Stop jumping on the furniture.
JJ: Be nice.

What makes your dad happy?
Christian: When we are happy.
Zu: When I cuddle with you.
JJ: Me being funny.

What makes your dad sad?
Christian: When we aren’t happy.
Zu: When I get hurt.
JJ: When we make bad choices.

How do you know that I love you?
Christian: I don’t know, I just feel it.
Zu: Because you tell me that even when I make mistakes, you still loves me. No matter what.
JJ: You hug me a lot.

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