End of Summer

It is that time of year when parents celebrate a little more than they probably should. Summer dwindles into cooler weather and school bounces back into their kids lives with schedules and structure and homework and fewer excuses to claim boredom.

My kids are back in classrooms one week from today. Both of my boys are eager to return, while my daughter would rather stay at home with me forever. With this being our last week of summer break, I looked back with them and asked them about their summer. This is what they told me was their favorite part of summer.

JJ: "The fair was my favorite part. No, wait. Going hiking. With you. That was my favorite part of summer. Then the fair."

Zu: "My favorite part of summer was spending time with you." (me: "That's sweet, but could you be more specific?") Zu: "Spending time with you and going swimming."

Christian: "The best part of summer was watching Star Wars and watching Back to the Future and playing Minecraft." (me: "But nothing that we did as a family?") Christian: "Well, I watched Back to the Future with you."

Well, that's it. We have one more weekend of fun that will be filled with birthday surprises and back to school shopping. Then nine months of school bells and sack lunches. I hope y'all had as much fun as we did this summer.

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