School's out!

School is out. Funny thing to proclaim at the end of September when most kids are just starting their school year. But for me, it is done. Today. Or at least for now.

In hopes to improve my writing skills and storytelling abilities, I have been looking for opportunities to study our culture and do more to make myself a better person. So I enrolled for some classes to do just that: classes that look at telling good stories through various mediums. For the past six weeks, I have been studying and writing for a POPX class through the Smithsonian and edX.

It was providence that I stumbled upon the class: The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture. Being a card carrying nerd, this is the type of class within my particular set of skills. I registered and dove in head first. I geeked out for six solid weeks and learned a lot about the history of the comic book industry.

courtesy of edx.org

A few late nights studying and doing homework over a holiday weekend. Meanwhile college kids everywhere are rolling their eyes. "Big deal," they say, "we do that all year long."

It is true, taking one class pales in comparison to a full credit load. Still, I am grateful I took the opportunity to do it. On the downside, it meant I spent less time writing for Faithful Geek and a couple other projects. But a fringe benefit is the priceless expression other people gave when I talked about the class.

Them: "What are you studying?"
Me: "Pop culture"
Them: "WHAT?!?"
Them: "You can do that?"

Now, it is done. My final project (a write-up about the history, impact, and relevance of Daredevil) was submitted last night. Today, I return to normal. Well, my version of normal.

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