Please Help

I am writing an essay for my COM120 class about the effectiveness of controversial advertising and I need some input.

Think about some TV advertisements you have seen, either sexual or violent in nature. Were you offended? Are there commercials that have offended you? Do these commercials inspire you to purchase whatever the ad is hawking? Are there products that you won't buy due to the subject matter of the commercials?

There is one ad campaign that stands out in my mind from Firestone Tires. The commercial features two highly attractive people provocatively dancing in the rain. The man is dressed formally, the woman is wearing a thin, strappy, white dress. (did I mention they were dancing in the rain?) It is not till the end of the commercial that you discover they are advertising tires instead of waterproof lipstick or dancing lessons. What is the point? Does that make you want to buy tires? Not me.

Please take a moment and post a comment for me. I don't usually beg for comments, but I would like a few (several) of you to answer the above questions. Thank you.


  1. Snapshot images capture the memory. One reason controversial advertizing makes it's dent into your memory. The 'negative' stirs your emotions and it works. Emotion makes you remember.

    However, folks seem to be getting the gist of things and the majority is beginning to understand the psychology of brainwashing. I sense disgust with the negative ad campaigning concerning the political races. Howver - when one goes to the polls - what are you going to flash back on?

    A newer trend appears to be the use of humor. If one can send a negative message with the art of laughter, it gives the brain a softer memory but still does the trick. It's called satire.

    If I ever see a commercial that really grabs me - I will let you know. Usually 'any' commercial is my cue - to do something else. A commercial that actually portrays the truth might be groudbreaking.

  2. Commercials with sexual over tones usually have such a huge let down I rarely pay attention to them. The ones, though, that really turn me off are the really stupid ones like Capital One and the fake duos for Geico. I'd never touch the product until they quit insulting my inteligence.

  3. The most annoying is the "head on" commercial. Victoria's secret are usually pretty bad, but are at least advertising what they are selling.

  4. Sorry, I didn't finish. I wouldn't buy the products in either case specifically because of the advert. In the first case I wasn't offended, but in the second case I was.

  5. I can't stand the Blue Fly (a clothing company I think) commercials, it's showing a woman getting dressed and then her husband is turned on and they end up having sex and the tag line is something along the lines of "Blue Fly clothing is sure to impress even if you don't make it to the event."
    It's just way too much for a commericial and it goes too far.

    I did a similar assignment in one of my Comm. classes. The commericials I wrote about were a series of JCPenney's commercials where it would show some father who couldn't handle his kids or do the dishes, etc. and then he'd look around for the mom and she'd be off at JCPenney's and the guy would say "where is your mother" I hated them because it was portraying men as helpless idiots and mothers as irresponsible who'd just drop everything to go shopping and leave her kids unattended and not bothering to tell the husband she was leaving.