Winter Blunderland

We are officially moved. Not unpacked... but moved.

I was nervous for a while this week as the weather decided that precipitation of the flaky kind was a good idea. With snow falling midweek and looking like it would continue through the weekend, I was not looking forward to driving the U-Haul between new and old residences.

But nature proved to be more optimistic than I had been, and the weather gradually improved. It started to dry out on Friday and we had sunshine for most of the moving party on Saturday. After $70 worth of pizza Saturday afternoon, all was looking well.

This change of gloom to sunnier skys bears little resemblance to civil rights issues in North Idaho. Thanks to the recent courtroom absurdities in Boundary County, civil rights here seem to be working in reverse of the weather. What seemed to be sunshine seems to be getting colder and cloudier.

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