Winter Blunderland

We are moved. Not unpacked... but moved. The moving experience went much smoother than expected, for that I am grateful.

I was anticipating a sloppier move, weather wise that is. The skies set loose precipitation of the flaky kind midweek, and I immediately started planning out worst case scenarios as wet sticky snow gathered outside my office window. I was not looking forward to driving a U-Haul through slush or snow, back and forth between old and new residences.

But alas, nature proved to more optimistic than I. The roads were drying out by Friday, and Saturday (moving day) brought sunshine. What started out as gloom gradually progressed into sunny skies.

Local weather, unfortunately, bears no resemblance to human rights in North Idaho. In fact they seem to be polar opposites. Thanks to a recent lapse of judgment, one North Idaho judge seems to have opened old wounds of racial bigotry. We may have put on a happy face, but bruises remain.

In contrast to the weather, civil liberties started out pleasant. But it gotten colder and gloomier in the last few weeks. Winter suddenly has a whole new meaning.


  1. After looking up the case you mentioned concerning racism, my blood boiled. Even if no racism in this crime existed, the delay in seeking justice, the minor slap on the hand all smells of wink wink for the good ole boys club. You are very correct with your sadness to see wrong prevail. I only wish more people shared your view.

  2. Lots do share Nic's view - you are just up against a rock and hard spot when justice is ill delievered up in that area. Those folks get ugly.