Thank you Larry Craig

Airport travel has become increasingly awkward since the Larry Craig scandal began dominating news headlines. As I sat in a stall in the Denver airport, between Concourse A and baggage check, I began wondering about the guy in the stall next to me.

What would I do if the guy started tapping his foot? Do I have a wide stance? Should I move my feet closer together? What if shuffling my feet closer together was misconstrued as a bit of my own toe tapping? What if the guy next door was an under-cover officer? What if the guy was Senator Craig?


Using the restroom has never been this stressful before.

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  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    that is when you begin praying for a gender-neutral bathroom. It is also when you pray you checked to see if there was enough toilet paper in your stall PRIOR to needing to asking the tapping foot for your daily allotment of 6 squares (4 if double strength).