toddler vocabulary

As Bekah and I are working hard to improve Christian's vocabulary. We are particularly proud of phrases like "I'm thuggin'," "OK, sounds like a plan" and "what did Christian do???" He is one of the few three year olds that I know of that actually uses the word "actually" in proper context. As an example, while in Seattle, my sister-in-law told Christian to "look at the birds" - to which Christian replied "actually, those are seagulls." (We're also working hard on animal recognition)

As his vocabulary grows, there are a few phrases we would like him to stop using. Like referring to Psuchen as "the dang dog" (my fault). Or, when being scolded for wrong doing, telling us "don't say that."

But there are always new (and bigger) words to learn. Tonight, as he stared down the 64 ounce Costco sized container of animal crackers, Christian asked "I want all of them, Mama."

"You can have three," Bekah said, "but you can not have all of them."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because," my turn. "That would be called gluttony."

God forgive me if my son grows up thinking that gluttony is what happens if you eat all of the animal crackers.

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  1. Ah! Thanks for the chuckle. I have a whole room of students that I am afraid will get a wacky meaning out of the way I say words! The love that I say (at least I used to!) the word "Yup" instead of "Yes". haha