What was Tuesday's biggest news story? The sales rivalry between Kanye West and 50 Cent, or the 6th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks? How sad is it that I even need to ask that question?

I would like to thank Denver's channel 2 news broadcast for their coverage of Britney's VMA performance. That was three minutes of my life that I will never be able to gain back.

p.s. go Kanye.


  1. And man did that truly make you a better....well...yeah. I watched the performance with the gal I work with. What a waste. Did you see Kanye's face during her performance. Or how about P Diddy? And then the face of those at the tabels where the pole dancers were...dancing? Thought, maybe Britney saw the likeness of the Mukilteo ferry sign.

  2. And took the sign literally - beer and wine to go.