April snowing

It snowed this morning. This year, I'm not surprised. I was, however, surprised five years ago when it snowed on the morning of April 5th.

So, how the heck do I remember the it snowed in April five years ago? And more specifically, how am I so sure that it was April 5th that it snowed five years ago? Well, because it snowed the morning of my wedding. We were planning on taking our wedding pictures outside, but the weather wouldn't cooperate.

Yes, Bekah and I have been married for five years. Happy anniversary to us!

p.s. It was really cold on the night of April 4th five years ago. I remember that because the guys in my wedding party dragged me out into the hotel parking lot, hog-tied, blindfolded, and wearing nothing but my boxers to use me as water balloon target practice. Thanks guys! I'm sure you enjoyed my bachelor party more than I did.


  1. I have so many great memories of driving up to Coerd'Alene every weekend for months over the winter. Trying to keep Bekah's dress out of the wet and make sure you were gone before we left the hotel. I remember the weather was inclement but not the snow... the little boy who refused to go down the aisle as the ring bearer... me passing off the keys to your car to those groomsmen...you finding out a year later that it was I who had done it... haha... yes. Good times!

  2. Congratulations, guys! How funny I happened to land on your blog- Tony and I just celebrated our anniversary last night (even though it was actually Tuesday) by a simple little evening out for dinner and a movie. Hope you enjoyed yours as well, Nic. And how bizarre about the snow!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! :)