the irony of it all

Seen on the corner of Ironwood & Northwest BLVD: The driver of an Subaru Outback had a Bumper-sticker announcing their patriotic allegiance. Underneath the Outback emblem, the Japanese made vehicle had a large red, white, & blue Sticker that said USA.

Overheard on KHTQ: Spokane's Rock 94.5 played a commercial pimping local artists. Actually, they weren't advertising local artists. They were advertising the fact that 94 1/2 plays local music (an act I have not been able to verify through personal listening experience). The commercial closes with the statement "and now for some local rock!"* The commercial was followed by the new single from (Kansas City band) Puddle of Mudd.

* and now for some local rock... or something like that. But there was emphasis on the word "ROCK." Every radio spot for Rock 94 1/2 is recorded by an angry Johnny Cash wannabe who always says ROCK in a constipated growl.

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