All things change

Welcome to my new layout. The old one was starting to drive me crazy. Internet Explorer was being difficult (burying my profile, links, and archives at the bottom of the page) and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Other than that, the all-black thing was getting old. Yeah, well you know, grey is my favorite color (I just felt so symbolic).

All things change, including my blogs. It's the same old random thoughts with a shiny new skin. I've also be rearranging one of my other blogs, What's Inside. (recently updated with a new post)

Keep checking back as the changes are still a work in progress. My own personal links are here, but I'm still working on the blogroll (feel free to drop a note if you have a site you'd like me to include). The spaces below my traffic counters (on the left and currently filled with gibberish) will be used, so be watching for that. Also - a big kudos to whoever noticed the shameless pop culture reference in this post.


  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    because there was no comment posted yet, I had to post one to begin the process. good change.

  2. Nice new layout! IE sucks....when I used it, it would give me so many error messages. Then I switched to firefox, and I LOVE IT! So much better.