PCSD: Post Christmas Stress Disorder

This year started with nothing out of the ordinary. Open stockings, family breakfast, the in-laws come over, open presents, Christian watched a movie while dinner was cooking, the girls took a nap, eat dinner. Nothing unusual.

After dinner, Bekah's dad went home. The kids played in the family room. And I disappeared upstairs for a little while to play my guitar. I anticipated Bekah and her mom to spend that time after dinner chatting. Well, they did chat... but Bekah also used that time to assemble the kid toys that the girls recieved for Christmas.

When I emerged from my room and peered down the stairs... it looked like Barbie barfed all over our living room.

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  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    When you leave women alone with Barbis, what do you expect. They all tend to play dollie and destroy the house you worked so hard to keep clean. My suggestion is to send them outside to shovel the snow after demanding that they clean the entire house up including the laundry, windows, and dishes. Tell them that you will supervise, because you are good at that and let them know to get to work immidiately. tm