The Google game: Needs

You've probably seen this game before on other blogs, or MySpace, or facebook... it's the one where you type your name into Google followed by "needs." Then you compile a list of what Google's search results say you need. For example, my friend Jon did this and came cam up with stuff like: "Jon needs a new shift key" and "Jon needs butter on toast."

I normally don't do these kinds of things... (or at least not on this blog), but after reading and laughing at Jon's list, Bekah sat down with me and made me try it. She used her name first; unfortunately, her name only had one funny result - repeated numerously - "Rebekah needs to break out the work-out dates with Sven."

All that being said... here's my list.

nic needs to move to a warmer place (Um... no. Try colder.)
nic needs a symbol too (This was my first thought when Prince turned himself into a symbol.)
nic needs no magic, just his... um... (there was more to this search result, but it's not fit for print on this blog. Those of you with dirty minds can google it on your own time.)
nic needs your help: Calling all Manchester Women
nic needs to assign names
Nic needs a NOS (Mmmm... NOS)
nic needs to pre-order Great Powers (But... Great Powers comes with Great Responsibilities. I'm not so sure I'm ready to pre-order that.)
nic needs to bash Kerry Complaint Comet (I know John Kerry's a stiff... but Complaint Comet?)
nic needs separate drivers (I'll make sure to pay the taxes on them)
nic needs a special driver (As if separate drivers weren't enough, one of them needs to be special?)
nic needs to be more OPEN (My wife agrees with this statement.)
nic needs to be compatible
nic needs a banner (I had a banner once)
nic needs to be replaced with just a few clicks (Actually, I could be replaced with one click... the back arrow in your browser.)
nic needs Valentines for tomorrow's school party (This brings back some bad first grade memories that might be the root of my deep seeded abhorrence of Valentine's Day.)
nic needs to be faster. nic needs to execute tasks better. More than anything else, nic needs to be easier to use (These three statements were all apart of the same search result.)
nic needs to have state and local responder expertise (I do?)
nic needs your number because his phone book deleted itself (please don't give me your numbers)
nic needs to respond to email Letters (It's true, I'm a horrible correspondent.)
nic needs the cash to increase her wardrobe (Awkward)
nic needs to go in either pci slot1 or slot2 (More awkward.)
nic needs an IP on the host (Not as dirty as it sounds)
nic needs to hit up the gym... (I really should go to the gym more, but the true beauty of this search result is in the full sentence: "nic needs to hit up the gym his face is handsome but he has a ten yr old body.")
nic needs old_tulip instead of tulip (Actually, I need neither.)
nic needs to be enabled (How true.)
nic needs more sleep (I do, but it won't happen. Not with five kids in the house)
nic needs reseating (But, I like my chair.)
nic needs to be preferred (How does Google know these things?)
nic needs a physical address (Got One)
nic needs patching (For my eye... Yarrrr!)
nic needs to have some lines (Of?)
nic needs a good film (I haven't seen a good film in a while. Any recommendations?)
nic needs us to add bricks (Huh?)
nic needs A Bear Suit Like That Woman Needed A Punch To the Face (What ?!?)
nic needs ndiswrapper (I'm not sure if that's English.)
nic needs to be modified (Plastic surgery?)
nic needs to be shut down (Am I human?)
nic needs to be set down on the bench (This game isn't very good for the self-esteem.)
nic needs to be reset to default values (I have default values?)
nic needs both the manufactures diskette and a loop back connector (One of many tech references)
nic needs the NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator (Only if it makes my computer go faster.)
nic needs to schedule a DMA operation (I don't know how to do that.)
nic needs to access the elds of a descriptor (This is either another tech reference, or the plot line to my sister-in-laws new fantasy novel/.)
nic needs to collect and distribute a variety of information (And that's why I blog.)

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  1. Gosh, I don't think I have an Elds of a Descriptor in my book. Kind of sounds like the Ides of March...

    PS. I know you hate and despise Lolcats, but please show this to Bekah. I think she'll appreciate it...