} One of my coworkers has a Transformers chess set underneath his desk. I'm not sure if that is the dorkiest thing ever... Or the coolest thing ever. It could be both.

} A certain member of our family looks like a genetic crossbreed of Chris Farley and Johnny Depp.* No one believes me... until they see his picture. * (I credit my super-cool brother-in-law for coming up with that description)

} I was employed at Old Navy in Boise/Meridian for over three years. For a couple of months, I was in charge of the baby department. One day I was putting away a handful of baby clothes before taking my lunch break when a parent asked me a couple of questions. I answered and looked down at their stroller; inside the stroller was the ugliest baby I've ever seen. The parent continued their shopping, and I quickly ducked into the adjoining break room. Jen, a coworker, was just finishing her break.
"Jen," I said, "you gotta check this kid out. It's the ugliest baby ever!"
She told me all babies are cute, and that I was mean for even suggesting any baby was ugly. She walked out the break room door, but reappeared a few seconds later... laughing."
"Oh my gosh, Nic," she said. "You're right... that kid is really ugly."

} After spending over ten years in various customer service positions, I am amazed at how little consumers think for themselves. I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but some things never lose their ability to cause awe and wonder.

} My walk to work this morning reminded me of the stereotypical when-I-was-your-age stories. It was two miles in the snow - uphill.

} Speaking of walking to work... I've mentioned before that I listen to music while walking to keep me happy, moving, and motivated. However, it's tricky to find music with tempos that matches my stride. To slow of a tempo and my pace slows. To fast of a tempo and I feel like I'm out of step with the music. This morning, I discovered two songs with perfect tempos - beat matching step for step... Got the Life & Sleep Now in the Fire.

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