As I was washing the dishes this evening, I found pots in the sink filled with diluted food coloring. One was a redish pink and the other blue.

I asked Bekah, "What's with all the food coloring?"

She started a maniacal laugh that hinted at a disastrous tale that could only include my children and their relentless escapades.

"You don't even want to know." She said.

The story happened sometime this morning. Christian was the only one of the three at school; with the first couple days of spring break under way the younger two have developed a case of cabin fever. The snow falling outside did nothing to ease their restlessness. They also have food seeking tendencies.

They put their cat burglar skills to the test and set out to climb in (explorer) the pantry. Their pilfered swag included a bag of chocolate chip muffin mix and food coloring. The mix was divided between them. Food coloring was added, stirred, and consumed with a spoon.

It wasn't even batter. Just dry muffin mix. Tinted, but dry.

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