30 Day Song Challenge: Day 12 (and 13)

I forgot to post yesterday. A funny thing happened. I fell asleep. Which is ironic because day twelve's topic is a song that makes you fall asleep.


That being said, After The Storm by Mumford & Sons is the perfect sleepy time song. Not because it's dull - but quite the opposite. It's a beautiful composition. Almost mesmerizing. It is like a lullaby for adults.

As for day thirteen: A guilty pleasure.

Little known fact - I have a soft spot in my heart for Euro-dance pop music. And my guilty pleasure song is the crown jewel of that electronic genre. Cascada's Every Time We Touch.

But now I'm going to head into seclusion and listen to some Mumford & Sons so that I feel better after admitting my affinity for European club tunes.

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