Five for Friday - 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1

I'm back and in full force. At least through the rest of this month. And if it feels like this blog has been taken over by a music nerd, get over it. I am a music nerd.

A friend passed along this challenge on facebook and this meme was too much me to resist, so it will be the topic du jour for the moth of April. Everyday, a different starter, with a different answer. Sometimes more than one answer.

Day one: my favorite song

Unlike the Highlander where there could only be one, there's no such thing as a favorite song in my world. So, there could only be more than one.

1. Ben Folds: Still Fighting It

This is one of those rare songs that makes me cry every time I hear it (the video is also touching). The message of the song resonates with me because I know my oldest is so much like me and he's going to have to go through some of the same crap that I went through. It's just a part of growing up and it sucks.

2. Coldplay: Fix You

If I could sing a song for my dad, this would be it.

3. Poor Old Lu: Chance for the Chancers

This is one of the songs that The Tommymonsters covered at many of their shows. It's a fun song to play. I've also laid out the significance of this song here before. This song will always be a part of my life's story.

4. Blindside: Superman

Superman is another song that I've written about - just on another blog.

5. Kanye West: Can't Tell Me Nothing

I picked this as one of my favorites just because it is dripping with swagger. Yet the bravado is contradicted by the theme that money screws people up. I'm drawn to that self-contradictory lyricism that says "I'm amazing" and "I'm flawed" in the same breath. Oh, and the Zach Galifianakis produced video for this song is genius.

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