30 Day Song Challenge: Day 8

Day eight: songs I know by heart

If I was one to do karaoke (which I'm not) I'd follow the rules for selecting the perfect karaoke song proposed by Defective Yeti. And using those rules, these are the songs I'd probably sing.

1. Third Eye Blind: Semi-Charmed Life. Not only do I know all of the words (including that third verse trimmed from the radio version), I can get them all out without slurring the words together.

2. Foo Fighters: Monkey Wrench. I have no idea what this song is about. But it is so much fun to sing (and play).

3. Newsboys: Shine. I had this song pounded into my head the summer before my senior year of high school. It's so infectious that it's stuck with me through the years.

4. Skee Lo: I Wish. Because really, I do wish I was a little bit taller. And I wouldn't object to a 64 Impala.

5. Savage Garden: I Want You. The problem with this song isn't knowing the lyrics. The problem is being able get all out before losing your breath.

Also, interesting bit of trivia: the word karaoke is a conglomeration of two Japanese words meaning "empty orchestra."

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