30 Day Song Challenge: Day 4

Day three: a song I listen to when I'm sad

I was listening to the Gravity album on my way home from work one night about six years ago. I am a long time Our Lady Peace fan, so my listening to them wasn't anything out of the ordinary. But I hadn't listened to this album much, and when I did listen to it I didn't pay as much attention to the lyrics as I had with their previous albums.

After a trying day where I was entertaining thoughts of quitting, this song was the first to play after I started my car. Lost in my own sadness, I listened to the words of this song for the first time. The lyrical description of the disconnect between our dreams and reality was so relevant to me in that moment and the words of the song crushed me: "I remember feeling low, I remember losing hope, I remember all the feelings and the day they stopped."

Once the song ended, I skipped back to the beginning of the song and listened to it again. Then again. And again. I listened to it four times on the way home. After parking in front of my house, I sat in the car and listened to it twice more.

I still play it when I'm feeling down about my lot in life. It gives me a tremendous feeling of peace when I do.

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