In Foo Honor

Today is all about the Foo Fighters as they're fifth studio album is released, well, today. After four great records, I'm excited to see and hear the new one, "In Your Honor" especially due to the fact it's a double album. One disk described by Dave and Taylor as the heaviest music they ever put out, and the other disc shows off their mellow side with acoustic tracks (and a duet with Nora Jones).

O.K., so the 24 hours of Foo on MTV2 wasn't particularly captivating. (bucket drum circle with Dave, Taylor, two street musicians, and Stewart Copeland of the Police in Times Square is more entertaining in theory than reality) But the band had some downtime and what a better way to waste time than taking over MTV studios and poking fun at the station's ridiculous history.

Despite their leisurely display on TV, frontman Dave Grohl is one of the hardest working musicians in rock music. Side project Probot, drumming for on the albums for NIN and Queens of the Stone Age, film scores (Touch), countless radio and TV appearances (including a memorable and teasing cover of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" for Greg Kilborn), constant touring writing recording and performing with the Foo Fighters, he's come a long way since the days of drumming for Nirvana.

The first single "Best of You" is on the radio, album in stores today. Get it. Unless of course you don't like modern rock, if that's the case, ignore everything I have to say today.

"I ate about 600 of them in one day, and I had an extreme feeling of beauty. Those Mentos really work!"----Dave Grohl

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  1. *sigh* Foo Fighters and Nora Jones.....ah. The goodness of soul. Haha.