What Would Buddha Do?

My coworkers and I have received yet another E-mail beyond the abilities of any rational person. The thought process that goes into some of these communications is surely sub-human, it must hurt to be so dull.

From: Employee somewhere in Colorado
Sent: Mon 6/6/2005 17:38
To: A bunch of employees in Northern Idaho, A bunch of employees in Colorado, and A bunch of employees in Southern Idaho

so yea...I was on vacation for a week and returned today to see that someone has snatched my Buddha off my desk...just to let, whom ever took my fat happy man of luck know, a STOLEN Buddha will only bring you horribly bad luck. come on people who steals a Buddha? if I were you I would return it to my desk before the wrath of karma gets you. I work mon-thurs 11:30-10pm if you want to avoid the embarrassment of returning a stolen Buddha.

Try to understand. She lives in Colorado. I (and most of my fellow employees) live in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Our offices are separated by roughly 1000 miles, according to MapQuest, a one way trip should take about 14 hours 52 minutes. I'm absolutely positive that no one would take a 30 hour road trip just to steal a little buddha statue.

Karma?!? Don't get me started. Not to mention the horrid grammar. Such lapse in judgment deserves my response.

From: Nicholas Casey
Sent: Wed 6/8/2005 7:31 AM
To: Mentally Lacking
Subject: RE:

Is there any reason you sent this out to the CD'A site? I understand the frustration of stolen property, but we don't work there so we don't need to know.

Of all things...She responded.

From: Mentally Lacking
Sent: Wed 6/8/2005 10:43 AM
To Nicholas Casey
Subject: RE:

hey your probly the 25th person to bring this to my attn. obviously I didn't mean to send it to another building...I apologize.

The funny thing is, it takes great effort to send an E-mail to a different building and isn't something that could be done by accident. She obviously MEANT to send it to everyone.

I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the 25 persons to bring this to her attention. Her response had something to do with the effects of bad karma when you send out such unauthorized (and pointless) E-mails. This, not suprisingly, received no response.

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