this is a first

At first the idea of a blog sounds completely ridiculous. A novel idea, possibly for someone famous, but definitely not for a peon like myself. Think about it, does anyone really care about the random thoughts of an average person? The way I saw it, we have enough problems sorting through our own thoughts, we don't need to deal with any extras.

However, as a coworker of mine was continually updating his blog, I noticed something peculiar. It was an interesting read. I really didn't care about what he had to say, his writings were nonconsequetial, and has no impact on my life. Yet, I found myself reading anyway, and mysteriously intrigued and amused.

So, here I go. My own blog. The random thoughts of a husband, a father, a twenty-something with a normal job and a piece of junk car. It might not make any sense, and the concept still strikes me as utterly pointless.

Will have any effect on your life? Probably not, and I'd be surprised if it did. But I still hope you enjoy it, and if worse comes to worst, I hope this finds you slightly bemused.

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