7th day: my turn

From my wife's favorite Christmas song to mine.

Song: Happy Xmas (War is Over)
Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Album: Wintersong

The John Lennon classic. While Lennon's original version is fantastic, there have been countless remakes. Among them: Sense Field, Thrice, U2... and even Gregorian chants. Of the cover versions, Sarah's stands out like a Mensa member at a beauty pageant.

And I couldn't resist this video - Sarah working with the kids that performed the choral background to the song. It gets what (I think) Lennon intended when he wrote the song. We should embrace the holiday with the faith of a child.

The lyrics say it all. For old and young. Rich and poor. Weak and strong. The method of celebration varies, but we all celebrate the day. That single message of hope is universally understood. And maybe, one day... we can live without war. Maybe.

ps. Wintersong is a great album - her versions of In the Bleak Midwinter and The First Noel set the pace for one of the best Christmas album in recent years.

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