More Exercising

Christian was jumping on our small aerobics trampoline. The kids love that thing. As a parent, I like the fact that it's an easy way for the kids to expel excess energy. The conversation below is the final conversation I had with Christian before he went to bed.

Christian (jumping): Daddy, I'm getting some exercise.
Me: Good.
Christian: If you want exercise, you can have a turn after me.
Me: Thanks, but Daddy needs more exercise than that.
Christian: You mean... like jumping jacks? (he begins to do jumping jacks while bouncing on the trampoline)
Me: Something like that.
Christian: Oh.
Me: Daddy needs more exercise than jumping on a trampoline.
Christian: Really?
Me: Yes. The bigger you are, the more exercise you need.
Christian: Whoa. You must need A LOT of exercise.

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