Six for Saturday

Call this five for Friday, a day late with an extra item.

You may or may not have noticed a few changes in the layout around here. (If you haven't that's because you're reading this blog through facebook's notes app. Shame on you, click the link that says "View Original Post," it helps my page views.) To be honest, the change was inspired by the fantastic layout of my wife's new blog. While I'm glad she's entered the blogosphere, I was a bit sheepish over her blog looking better than mine.

Here are (in my opinion) the most improved changes.

1. The background. It needed some color. Grey is still my favorite color, but the grey had to go.
2. Followers. It's back. It disappeared the last time I changed the blog's template and couldn't get the html adding it back to work. I can now be followed. Again. (Speaking of which, you should follow me.)
3. Readability. The black/white text on grey backgrounds: bad idea. What was i thinking?
4. The header. Like it? The snare drum belonged to one of the kids that played in the youth worship band while Bekah and I were youth volunteers. "God Help Us" wasn't the only graffiti written on the drum head; the head also contained the phrase "shut up dork."
5. Refreshed blogroll. I cleaned out some blogs that are no longer active and added a few new links like those belonging to friends and former coworkers (The Sports Nerd & Shmily Face Photography), my wife's wonderful blog (My Special Blessings) and fellow HBOers (A Family Runs Through It & my life's a freak show). Along with some alterations and additions to my list of time killers and the consolidation of my archives, my lists of links should be a happier place.
6. It's still uniquely me. I hope.

As usual, let me know what you think. I'm deeply insecure (which is probably due to being a complete loser in high school) so kind words are always welcome. And if your blog isn't in my blogroll and you think it should be, tell me. I'm not psychic.


  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Grey is not a color and you were not a complete loser in High School. I love you!

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    How did I read this before and not see my name in it! Dawwwww Nic, thaaaanks! <3