30 Day Song Challenge: Day 31

Day 31? Wait, you say, how can there be 31 days in a 30 day challenge. The answer is simple.

I skipped day 17.

Don't believe me? Skim the archives. If you can find a post for day seventeen, I'll buy you dinner. Why did I forgo day 17? I learned to count in the Marysville school district.

Moving on.

Day 31 (the 30th day some 62 days after I started this challenge) is a song that makes me laugh. I could have gone for the easy joke with a Weird Al song or a Bob Rivers parody. Or I could have aimed for the gutter with a tune from The Bloodhound Gang.

Instead, I'll go with Ghostride The Whip. Why does this song make me laugh? Because there is no logical reason why white kids should be making music like this.

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