Five for Summer

There is sun peeking at us from the heavens above North Idaho and that can only mean one thing... it's going to rain soon.

Or summer is almost upon us. One of those two for sure.

But it is June and summer does technically start this month. So what are you looking forward to over the next couple of months? Camping? Road trips? Romantic walks on the beach? More of the normal 40 hour work week because you're a grown up and there isn't any logistical difference between summer and the rest of the year?

Well, here's what has me excited about this summer.

1. Leavenworth. Bekah and I are running away. At least for a weekend. Leavenworth is one of my favorite towns in Washington and Bekah bought us a weekend getaway for my birthday. And by getaway, I mean we're not taking the kids. This is our first break away from the kids in about three years and our first weekend away since Christian was a wee lil' thing.

2. Church. Not just the attendance of (which will happen) but something a little different. I've got something big planned starting Sunday here on the blog. It's possibly the craziest, scariest, most dangerous thing I've ever written so be sure to check back. (I should note: scary for me to write, hopefully not scary for you to read.)

3. Movie nights. It's summer so the kids will be staying up a little later, might as well crash in the living room for some family entertainment. I'm also going to try to introduce Christian to some greats like Willy Wonka (the Gene Wilder version), The Goonies, Holes, and The Bad News Bears.

4. Miniature adventures. If you've been reading long enough, you might recall another post where I planned to start something of this variety. I'll be doing that this summer. Granted, I'll be starting small - like a hike around Tubbs Hill or English Point. But this will be the year we start.

5. Billings. This is the only point on this list that isn't set in stone. If it's set in anything, it's wet concrete. If we can make it happen, we're going to take the kids over for a weekend, hit up the zoo, a nice park, maybe head over to the Little Bighorn. We'll have to wait and see if this trip works. If it does, it'll be awesome.

What are your summer plans? What has you excited this year?

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