Five for Friday

My office had a team building outing today for all of the program leadership. If you have seen my updates via twitter/facebook, you probably know we spent the afternoon golfing. I have not golfed since the summer after graduating high school. Beside some mild exercise and the comradery of of people that I don't often hang out with, I also learned a few things.

They are as follows:

1. Getting hit with a ball doesn't feel good. A stranger hit me from the 9th tee. I was standing at the first tee. My game had not even started yet and I was given a handicap.

2. Windblown mist from the fountain in the pond after the eight hole was refreshing. Until I discovered the pond water is freaking nasty.

3. There's a reason I kept my shirt on. Some of the guys I work with are very very white.

4. A good way of almost getting fired is almost hitting the boss with a wayward drive. Lucky for me, I was not that person.

5. I don't understand how people get so frustrated playing the sport. I discovered the water hazard on the first hole. I strained muscles that I didn't know existed. I ended 30 over par. My hand-eye coordination made me look like the most ungraceful golfer in recorded history. I genuinely suck at golf. But I still had fun. Enough that it is almost tempting to go out and buy my own set of clubs. Not once did I feel motivated to toss my club into the pond, rip the scorecard into confetti, or tackle Bob Barker.

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