If you are one of the dozen people that follow me on twitter (@niccasey) you may have noticed two things this afternoon. One of those things might have been me teasing my sister-in-law about spilled coffee.

The other would have been this tweet: "@loswhit started it. And I'm doing it: #SexyBack11 (not that I was ever sexy to begin with)."

In case you're wondering - yes, I am crazy. But you all ready knew that.

So what's with the SexyBack? Well, Carlos Whittaker started it in this post. So when he posted the challenge earlier today, I thought 'I should do this.'


Need you ask?

If the super cool Carlos Whittaker can admit he's fluffier than he needs to be, so can I. I'm starting the challenge at 196 lbs with a goal of 185 by the end of summer. You'll see updates here every Thursday now through Labor Day.

If you want to get your sexy back, check out Carlos Whittaker's post and join the community there.

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