It's Thursday so that means it is time for an update. It was a bad week. A birthday party for a friend, house guests, extra kids, and far too much soda. All throwing off my mojo.

Excuses. I know. I'm in control of what I eat/drink and how much/little I exercise.

That being said, I had a couple of surprises today.

Surprise #1: I lost another pound this week. Just a pound but that's better than I expected.

Surprise #2: As of this morning, I am able to cinch my belt one notch tighter. Hopefully I can keep it that way.

Christian and I went out for a walk this evening and I told him I was fat. He asked my why I was fat and I told him it's because I drink too much soda and don't exercise enough. He asked why I drink soda and I told him I like it, but I shouldn't because it's not healthy. Christian then lectured me about how I should drink milk instead because it has calcium in it and that I should eat more fruits and vegetables for vitamins.

I don't know how my six year old got so smart.

I told him to scold me any time he sees me drinking soda. "Christian," I said, "if you ever see me drinking soda, say 'stop that.' Tell me that I shouldn't be drinking that."

He liked that idea and proceeded to tell his best friend that he's going to tell his dad to stop drinking soda.

But I'm down a pound so that is a victory. I'm getting skinnier - albeit slowly. Now I just need to get rid of that extra fluff below my chin.

And no, I'm not just talking about the beard. Although, that needs to go too.


  1. It's a lot easier if you just don't keep it in the house.

  2. Very true. However, we haven't been keeping it in the house. All my soda intake from this past week has been from a birthday party for a friend or a congratulatory party for my boss. All supplied by other people. I just need to employ some self control at party and holiday events where there is soda for everyone.